Jax 'n' Jive

Jax 'n' Jive released Welcome To Planet Jive in 1999. Recording members include Brian Dobbs, Lee Cain, John Osborne and Michael Tony Scoglio. All were students at Southern High School in Harwood, Maryland. The band's history is documented below.



Jax 'n' Jive started in the summer.  I, Brian Dobbs, learned the drums and was determined to start a band.  I literally called up Josh Rudderforth on the phone, who was conveniently hanging out with Nick Rathell at that moment, and made them listen to me play drums over the phone for a minute.  Then I told them I wanted them to be in a band with me.  I didn't even know if they could play anything, but I was hanging out with them at the time.


Josh soon learned how to play the guitar.  For a while he had to use one of my Dad's electric guitar because all he had was a toy acoustic guitar or something.  Josh's Dad eventually bought him an electric guitar and amplifier.  Nick used one of my Dad's basses.  We started jamming.  Making noise really.  Nick lost interest.


One day I was out shopping with my Mom.  I saw an animated Mortal Kombat movie on VHS that I wanted.  Mom said she would buy it for me if I joined chorus in high school.  DEAL.


When Josh and I started as Freshman at Southern High School that year, we met Lee Hoxie Cain in Mr. Thayer's chorus class.  I made Lee show me his driver's license because I didn't believe his middle name was Hoxie. Lee was a Sophomore, just a year older.  He always seemed so much wiser and experienced, even though there was only a year's difference between us.  But we were still kids.  I do remember Lee and I getting yelled at in the middle of class because we started uncontrollably laughing when Mr. Thayer said, "Ritard," which is a musical term for gradual decrease in tempo.


Here is me (center), Lee (top center) and Josh (right corner, face half obscured) at our choir performance at the school.


Brian Dobbs, Lee Cain, Josh Rudderforth in Southern High School Choir Performance

Eventually Lee, Josh and I started meeting in the music room before class started every morning to all jam on the classical guitars.  Lee would get there first and have our guitars all tuned and ready to go.  Lee was a true singer songwriter.  He joined our band, and immediately became the driving, creative force that really propelled us into our next phase of being a real band.


Band practice was every Friday at my parents' basement. There's a small chalkboard that hangs in the stairwell. My Mom wrote us a little note, and some time later my cousin Alison signed it too.


Chalk Board


The chalkboard is still there today.


We would all meet there, jam, order pizza, jam some more, and make a late night out of it.  It was our life. Lee had a problem playing on beat, but eventually he got it sorted out. I remember giving him a hard time about it. Sorry Lee.


We still needed a bass player.  Lee was lifelong friends with Matt Dosberg, but Matt went to different school, and was already in a different band.  The band's name was Tenth Planet.  They were very talented.  I wish I had some of their recordings.  I think they had a song called "Boy Scout Car Wash."  Matt was a year older than I, and seemed way too cool for school.  He reminded me of a cross between John Lennon and Jim Morrison.  Chill.  He filled in here and there for a few gigs, but never joined officially. Matt always played a five-string bass.


I also became closer to Matt Frazier, another drummer. Thanks Matt for always challenging me to do better.



Here's a video of myself, Lee Cain and my cousin Alison making some noise in my parents' basement over the Easter weekend.



Josh and I moved up to Sophomores and Lee was now a Junior. My friends kept telling me I should join the marching band because I knew how to play drums. For some absurd reason, I listened to them. What a terrible idea. I didn't know how to read music. Why did Mr. Thayer let me join? So bizarre. But it was there that I met John Osborne.


John Osborne was a year younger, a Freshman. He was part of the marching band and also part of the concert band. He played electric bass for the marching band and upright bass for the concert band. I made friends with John, and discovered his true talent was the electric guitar.


Here is John and me at a Southern High School football game.


Brian Dobbs and John Osborne in Southern High School Marching Band    Brian Dobbs and John Osborne in Southern High School Marching Band

I had John meet Lee and Josh, and we asked him to be in our band. John really wanted to join, but said he couldn't because his Dad wouldn't let him until his grades improved. We kept asking and he finally joined.



Here's a video of me, Josh and John jamming in my parent's basement.



We were a band of three guitars and a drummer.  We needed a full-time bass player.  We wouldn't get one until a year later.  In the meantime, Matt Dosberg filled in on bass for a multicultural assembly one day at school.  The band played Glory, Lee's signature song.  The local paper actually covered the event and took our photo.  While the band had no official name, Matt told the photographer our name was Release.  So for a short while, that was our name.


We played a benefit show.


People To People Young Ambassadors Benefit


Soon after, we somehow landed on Jackson Jive.


Lee booked us an Independence Day gig at a boat yard, where he worked at the time.



A.J. Cusato, a member of the Southern High School football team, was diagnosed with cancer. We played at a fundraiser.


A.J. Cusato Cancer Fundraiser


We asked Aaron Booth to fill in as a bass player for our Southern High School Homecoming Dance gig.  He was the son of Mrs. Booth, an English teacher at Southern.  That was the only time Aaron played with us.  After that gig, Josh quit, which was fine, because Lee didn't feel like playing with Josh anymore.


John would carpool into school with Lee in the morning, always listening to G3 (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson).


Michael "Tony" Scoglio joined John in the concert band, and studied the upright bass right along with John.  He tried out for the band with his own electric bass, and was hired immediately.  He auditioned playing Plush, by Stone Temple Pilots.  Definitely an advanced bass line.  Tony eventually settled on becoming one of the best slap-bass players.


My Dad, George Dobbs, helped us by recording a few songs on a four-track recording device.  My Dad also let us borrow a lot of equipment and fixed all of our instruments. He was definitely the wizard technician keeping us all up-and-running over the years. He also gets credit for all the video footage recorded of the band. My Mom, Karen Dobbs, would feed us.  Thanks Mom and Dad.  My sister would put up with the noise.  Sorry Kim.



Finally, a full line-up. Vocalist, drummer, bassist and two lead guitars.


We made T-shirts.



We changed our name to Jax 'n' Jive.


We wrote nine songs and played a few gigs. We made some money. And here's where I credit Ryan "Mark" Behneman for some great advice I'll never forget. We had a ceramics class together.


Here are some odd ceramics I made. I was really into the band.




Every band ultimately is faced with a decision. Do we buy our own PA system, or do we record our music? Ryan was in a death-metal band himself, and told me he would rather have something tangible he could look back on and be proud of and that he could show people for the rest of his life. Thank you Ryan Behneman.


Here is Ryan.


Ryan 'Mark' Behneman - Lavidity Vocalist and Bassist



While Lee technically was still a band member, he left for Juniata College in Pennsylvania. He came back down during Christmas break, and we booked four days of studio time to record our nine-song album at Jazzmo Studios in Odenton, Maryland. 


Welcome To Planet Jive Album


Welcome To Planet Jive Album Liner Notes  Welcome To Planet Jive Album Back Cover



Ryan Behneman recommended Jazzmo to us, as that is where his band Lavidity recorded. Here's their EP on cassette that I purchased from Ryan.


Lavidity - Blood And Gravity



We loved jamming. "Intro," "Slap in 'D'" and "Olestra Strut" are instrumentals. "Olestra Strut" was written after Lee left for college, so Tony, John and I just wrote this little tune.


Olestra was a popular fat substitute in the 1990s, and for whatever reason, there was a running studio joke about it. Jeremy Hesford, the engineer at Jazzmo, joked we should change the title of our song from "Country Funk" to "Olestra Strut." I wasn't in favor of it, but I guess it stuck.


"Magic" was composed by Lee. He more or less had the tune constructed before joining the band.


Lee ran for, and eventually won class President. I came up with his campaign slogan. "Leedom = Freedom." I ended up writing a song and lyrics and just titling it "L=Freedom."


"New Song" is the only song the four of us wrote together. We should have just titled it "Brother."


"Glory" was another song entirely composed by Lee more or less before he joined the band. At one point he expressed interest in becoming a Christian rock band, but the rest of us weren't interested in that.


"M.O.C." (Mrs. O'Leary's cow) was a tune mainly composed by Tony. Tony ended up singing this tune, since Lee was away at college when the song was composed, and he didn't have the necessary time to learn it over Christmas break.


"Spotlight" was another one written by Lee.


Man, I tell you, these guys were talented. I'm so proud of this music.


The Super Mario with afro and platform shoes was something Lee and I came up with. We always talked about how listening to Eric Johnson's music while falling asleep transported us to a different world, sort of like the worlds from Super Mario 64. We had some funky music, so Lee actually hand drew this iteration of Mario. He scotch taped it to his guitar. Eventually we scanned it and used it for the CD artwork. Tony also added it to his bass.


Here is John Osborne playing bass at Skipper's Pier in Deale, Maryland. My sister Kim is in front left on violin.


John Osborne at Skipper's Pier in Deale, Maryland


John practiced the upright bass night after night. His end goal was to earn a full-paid scholarship to a music university.


John wasn't fond of practicing, but I believe he understood its importance. He would get so mad just thinking about practicing the bass. It got so bad that he punched a wall and broke his hand. He had to wear a cast, but could thankfully still hold a pick in his fingers.



Here's a still-sealed envelope acting as our poor-man's copyright to the music. It's dated February 26, 1999.


Envelope Dated February 26, 1999


I was featured in Southern High School's student paper.


Southern High School Student Newspaper   Southern High School Student Newspaper


I had some senior portraits taken with John and Tony while Lee was away at college.


Senior Portraits - Brian Dobbs, John Osborne and Tony Scoglio


Here's a jamming session with myself, Tony and Vinnie Scoglio, John Osborne, Joe Belvedere and Joey Tichnell.



Lee also came back down for the Southern High School Battle Of The Bands, which we won.


Southern High School Battle Of The Bands Award


Each high school in the area had their own BOTB, of which the winners were invited to perform at the 1st Annual Anne Arundel County Battle Of The Bands.


But they wouldn't let Lee play, as he was in college.  So Vinnie Scoglio, Tony's brother, filled in on vocals.  The competition was the day after Prom night.  I remember going to Prom, going to the after party, borrowing some pants from Chris Gabus (I didn't bring a change of clothes) and wearing those same pants to the competition the next day.  Thanks Chris. Thanks to our good friend Joe Belvedere for helping us out with additional guitar for this performance.


Anne Arundel County 1st Annual Battle Of The Bands Flyer   Anne Arundel County 1st Annual Battle Of The Bands Flyer   Anne Arundel County 1st Annual Battle Of The Bands Flyer


We played some originals and Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd.  We were disqualified because we went over the allotted 15 minute time limit, but we managed to win the award for Best Guitar thanks to John.


Anne Arundel County 1st Annual Battle Of The Bands Award For Best Guitar


2000 And Beyond

We were dissatisfied with the sound of our album, so we had it remixed and remastered, in addition to updating the artwork.


Welcome To Planet Jive Album Back Cover (Remixed And Remastered)  Welcome To Planet Jive Album Back Cover (Remixed And Remastered)


Welcome To Planet Jive Album Liner Notes (Remixed And Remastered)  Welcome To Planet Jive Album Back Cover (Remixed And Remastered)


The band didn't last long after that. I started college at UMBC. Lee had moved on, and Vinnie wanted to be bumped up to full-time member. I wasn't game for that. This I think was the final nail in the coffin.


John was still standing there, nervously noodling on his guitar. We remained friends, and chatted a few times since then.


Jax 'n' Jive gave us all the experience of writing, recording and performing music like the rock stars we aspired to be.  I couldn't have done it without them.  I can only hope they haven't forgotten about the impact Jax 'n' Jive had on their lives and musical endeavors.



I went on to record a solo album and a couple of EPs with Concrete Prophet.





Lee Cain and Matt Dosberg formed a band called Modern Man.





Lee Cain also went on to be in a band called Blue Plains.




John Osborne went on to form Brothers Osborne with his younger brother T.J.






© 2006 - Brian Dobbs